Sneaker Doodle Shoe Box WITHOUT SHOES


Turn your shoe storage into a canvas of imagination with our limited Sneaker Doodle Shoe Box. Express your unique style and make your kicks truly yours. Comes with special markers for vibrant designs. Elevate your sneaker game!

Shoes Include:

  • Sneaker Doodle Apron
  • Sneaker Doodle Paint Brush Kit
  • Paint Palette
  • Paint (3-11)
  • Shoe Laces
  • Shoe Finisher
Select the colors that you want included in your box, and select the number of colors you want included! There is a minimum selection of 3 paints per box, and a maximum order of 11 paints per box.
Black (+$3.25)
White (+$3.25)
Orange (+$3.25)
Red (+$3.25)
Purple (+$3.25)
Blue (+$3.25)
Brown (+$2.25)
Grey (+$3.25)
Green (+$3.25)
Yellow (+$3.25)
Flat Black (+$3.25)
Natural (+$2.25)
Flat White (+$3.25)
Mist (+$3.25)
Vanilla (+$3.25)
Sand (+$3.25)
Rich Brown (+$3.25)
Navy Blue (+$3.25)
Light Blue (+$3.25)
Pale Blue (+$3.25)
Tan (+$3.25)
South Beach (+$3.25)
Shell Pink (+$3.25)
Scarlet Red (+$3.25)
Satchel Tan (+$3.25)
Sapphire (+$3.25)
Salmon (+$3.25)
Saddle (+$3.25)
Raspberry (+$3.25)
Putty (+$3.25)
Play in the Sand (+$3.25)
Chocolate (+$3.25)
Dark Brown (+$3.25)
English Tan (+$3.25)
Light Brown (+$3.25)
Turquoise (+$3.25)
Blue Turquoise (+$2.25)
Midnight Green (+$3.25)
Burgundy (+$3.25)
Beige (+$3.25)
Dark Grey (+$3.25)
Light Grey (+$3.25)
Brick (+$3.25)
Bone (+$3.25)
Champagne (+$3.25)
Dark Bone (+$3.25)
Cream (+$3.25)
Capezio Tan (+$3.25)
Pink (+$3.25)
Petal Pink (+$3.25)
Hot Pink (+$3.25)
Mint (+$3.25)
Grey Taupe (+$3.25)
Light Green (+$3.25)
Olive (+$3.25)
Dark Green (+$3.25)
Lilac (+$3.25)
Pick a lace to go with your shoe!
ORIGINAL White laces (+$0.00)
Color Laces (+$10.00)
Satin Ribbon Lace (+$20.00)
Glitter Laces (+$12.00)
Fluffy Laces (+$25.00)
Rhinestone Laces (+$25.00)
Small Rope Laces (+$25.00)
Big Rope Laces (+$50.00)
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Nov, 24 2023

WITHOUT SHOES. Unleash your creativity and style with the Sneaker Doodle Shoe Box – a canvas for your artistic expression that’s as unique as the kicks it holds. This limited-edition shoe box isn’t just for storage; it’s a platform for your imagination to run wild.

🎨 Customizable Canvas: Embrace the artist within you and turn your shoe box into a masterpiece. Its blank surface is a blank slate for your doodles, sketches, or full-blown designs. Let your sneakers have a home that’s as creative as they are.

✏️ Doodle-Ready: Our shoe box comes with special markers that are tailor-made for doodling on its surface. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just want to have fun, these markers ensure your designs stay vibrant and bold.

👟 Sneaker Sanctuary: Beyond its artistic allure, the Sneaker Doodle Shoe Box offers ample space to house your favorite kicks. Keep your sneakers organized and protected, all while displaying your unique artwork.

🌟 Collectible Edition: Limited in quantity and bound to become a collector’s item, this shoe box adds an exclusive touch to your sneaker collection. Showcase your creativity and your love for footwear in one spectacular package.

🎁 Thoughtful Gift: Looking for a standout gift for the sneakerhead or artist in your life? This shoe box is the ultimate choice. It’s not just a container; it’s a thoughtful gesture that speaks volumes about your appreciation for their passions.

🔓 Endless Possibilities: Express your style, tell a story, or simply let your imagination flow. With the Sneaker Doodle Shoe Box, there are no rules – just endless possibilities waiting to be explored.

Turn your shoe storage into an artistic showcase with the Sneaker Doodle Shoe Box. Whether you’re customizing for yourself or gifting it to someone special, this shoe box is a testament to the power of creativity and the love of sneakers.


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